Public health officials today warned consumers not to eat ground white pepper processed, packaged or distributed by Union International Food Company in Union City, California until further notice. Ground white pepper products from the UIFC have been linked to a multi-state outbreak of salmonella, the health officials said. The discovery of salmonella in food samples collected from restaurants and food distributors prompted these recommendations.

Thirty-three have been ill in California, four in Oregon and one in Washington. The last known date of onset of illness for this outbreak is March 13. No deaths have been reported. Eight people were hospitalized, health officials said. While only ground white pepper has been connected to illness in Northern Nevada, the UIFC immediately announced a voluntary recall of cayenne pepper; curry powder; garlic – chopped, granulated, minced and powder; ginger powder, mustard powder; onion – chopped and powder; paprika; pepper, black – ground and whole; pepper, white – ground and whole; turmeric; and wasabi powder.