“There’s just an inherent risk in feeding your children raw milk that you can’t ― you can’t ― ignore.”

12raw600.1.jpgThat’s what one mother told Oregon Public Broadcasting this week.

Jill, who asked not to be identified on-air, described the ordeal that her two-year-old daughter has had to endure since becoming sick from raw milk. 

“She had strokes early on and pressure in the brain, and most recently had emergency surgery to remove some dead bowel and colon. And now has an ostomy, that will get reversed in six to eight weeks,” Jill told OPB News.

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Jill’s child’s illness is part of an outbreak at an Oregon farm whose raw milk is the suspected source of an E. coli outbreak that has sickened 19 has now been associated with two more foodborne illness victims.  Health officials also repoted that two adults who had consumed raw milk from Foundation Farm had contracted infections from two different pathogens – Campylobacter and Cryptosporidium.

  • Terry Murphy

    This is a tragic and heartbreaking story. Because of raw milk, a perfectly healthy child will probably suffer for the rest of her life. And what could be worse than to have the guilt this parent has to live with. Now, let’s hear from the raw milk folks. Please tell me why you still think drinking unpasteurized milk is a good idea? Got answers?