I read today in the Charlotte Observer online that kids and parents at a church camp in North Carolina ate recalled Castleberry’s chili last Tuesday.  Certainly, no one would knowingly serve recalled product at a camp for kids.  This is just another testament to how ineffective the Castleberry’s recall was. 

After the recall, major grocery chains emptied their shelves of Castleberry’s brands. But some smaller retailers didn’t, and for the past week, county health inspectors have helped state officials check convenience stores throughout the county.

As of today, they had checked nearly 800 stores and home daycares, finding recalled cans in about 7 percent of them, said Bill Hardister, the department’s environmental program manager. The department hopes to finish its canvass of stores and daycares today, he said.

Botulism is a serious illness.  There’s got to be a better way to conduct a recall and make sure people aren’t served product that could potentially contaminate them nearly a month after the fact.