This was testimony i gave before the House Energy and Commerce Committee which has oversight of the FDA.  My testimony, along with that of over a dozen Marler Clark clients, was part of a years long push for passage of the Food Safety Moderization Act.

  • Margaret

    Very impressive Mr. Marler. I am extremely pleased that you testified before Congress about our broken food safety system. To have you, as a leading expert in this area, testify on behalf of the American consumer makes me very grateful. You outlined so clearly with five clear points what needs to be done to fix this system. You know the science and you care deeply about the issue. I sincerely hope that Congress will take this to heart and treat it as the important and vital issue that it is. We are an advanced nation, yet far too many people are sickened, suffer life long health problems and die from foodborne pathogens. We can send a man to the moon. We as a nation should be able to make our food supply safe and be a model for the rest of the world. THANK YOU for what you do.