In 2014 Stewart Parnell was found guilty of 72 counts of conspiracy and fraud, and sentenced to 28 years in federal prison. Michael Parnell, a food broker, was found guilty of conspiracy and sentenced to 20 years. The brothers are currently in federal prison after their 2014 trial where they were found guilty of deliberately

Helena Bottemiller Evich’s well done piece in Politico “The FDA’s Food Failure,” that hit the internet very early this morning, is a stunning, but not surprising, indictment of our government’s food safety failures that transcends political parties and administrations. Note, for someone who has been directly involved in food safety for the last almost 30

Well, first, don’t eat British Columbia, Canada oysters for a bit.

What is the Norovirus?

Nature has created an ingenious bug in norovirus. The round blue ball structure of norovirus is actually a protein surrounding the virus’s genetic material. The virus attaches to the outside of cells lining the intestine, and then transfers its genetic

Multiple recalls of British Columbia oysters since mid-March.  Illness in Canada began mid-January.  Illnesses in both Seattle and Minnesota began in mid-March. 279 with Norovirus in Canada, 29 with Norovirus in Minnesota and 27 with Norovirus in Seattle.  Minnesota health officials announced that they are working with “federal officials and public health agencies in other