Bankrupt Coronet Foods is now facing a lawsuit by 92 people from several states. On Wednesday a judge ruled the people who claim they got sick after eating tainted roma tomatoes could sue the store that sold them, and the company that supplied them, Wheeling based Coronet Foods.
“It’s clear that the tomatoes were supplied

As the Associated Press reported today, a West Virginia federal bankruptcy judge has allowed us to sue on behalf of more than 80 people who were sickened by salmonella-tainted tomatoes the company supplied the tomatoes and the Sheetz convenience store chain.
Federal Judge L. Edward Friend II signed an order yesterday allowing plaintiffs to sue

In an article yesterday by the Associated Press, I said I no longer plan to sue Sheetz, the convenience store chain who sickened over 400 people with salmonella-tainted tomatoes. But I’m still planning to sue Coronet Foods, the bankrupt company which supplied the tomatoes. A bankruptcy judge signed an order Wednesday allowing Coronet to be