Employees at two local Louisville, Kentucky businesses have been diagnosed with Hepatitis A.

That has been a similar and common headline in newspapers across the country over the last several months.

One worker at Sarino (1030 Goss Avenue) was diagnosed. Customers who dined at the establishment from February 24 through March 15 may have been

An employee who worked at the Lancaster restaurant Al-E-Oops and the Brookdale Williamsville Senior Living Facility may have exposed 346 patrons and nursing home residents to hepatitis A. The contagious liver virus can be transmitted through contaminated food and water and close contact with an infected person.

Patrons of the restaurant, located at 5389 Genesee

Yesterday, the Salt Lake County Board of Health amended Health Regulation #5: Food Sanitation to require hepatitis A vaccination for all food workers in an establishment when anyone working in that establishment has been in contact with someone infected with hepatitis A. This amendment is in response to Salt Lake County’s ongoing hepatitis A outbreak

With a Hepatitis A outbreak boiling in southeast Michigan for the last year, one would think common sense would dictate vaccinating employees and protecting your customers?

Monroe County Health Department (MCHD) has confirmed a second case of Hepatitis A in an individual who works at a local restaurant. MCHD is providing information to alert residents

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has issued an Import Alert over hepatitis A found in raw, frozen tuna from Sustainable Seafood Co. Ltd. in Can Lam, Vietnam, and P.T. Deho Canning Company in North Sulawesi, Indonesia.

“FDA believes that hepatitis A virus-contaminated seafood is a result of insanitary conditions in the production or packing

According to local press reports, Westchester County has treated 250 people who may have been exposed to hepatitis A at Sleepy Hollow Country Club, officials said today.

Those people received preventive treatment after a club employee was infected by one of the five people who were exposed to hepatitis A at bartaco in Port Chester,

Homelessness in the greater Seattle/King County region seems to be rising as fast as High-Tech jobs and housing prices.  There are estimated to be 3,000 people in Seattle each night who are unsheltered and about 10,000 homeless people living on either the streets or in shelters. And, as the nights grow wetter and colder, the