I found the Broad Street Pump today (although, I am not sure it is in the same location as the original) – famous because John Snow (a.k.a., father of Epidemiology) figured out that is was the water from the pump that was the vector in the 1854 Cholera outbreak. Inside the cover of Steven Johnson’s

Raw milk from Nye County’s Amargosa Valley won’t be showing up on store shelves in Las Vegas anytime soon.

Existing law confines the sale of certified raw milk to the county where it is produced.

Govornor Brian Sandoval today vetoed AB209.

The bill would have allowed raw milk certified by a county milk commission to

Horse sold as beef lasagna in Europe, Goat and Water Buffalo sold as hamburger in South Africa, but this takes the – well – cake.

According to AP, Chinese police have broken up a criminal ring accused of taking meat from rats and foxes and selling it as lamb in the country’s latest food safety

According to a Health Protection Agency (HPA) press release, the HPA announced findings of an investigation into an outbreak of Cryptosporidium infection that affected around 300 people in England and Scotland in May 2012. The investigation showed strong evidence of an association with eating pre-cut bagged salad products, which are likely to have been labeled

I’m off to Boston this week to the Association of Health Care Journalists Conference.  I will be on a panel with the following exploring – Why is food still making us sick in the 21st century?

• Will Daniels, senior vice president, operations and organic integrity, Earthbound Farm
• Bill D. Marler, J.D., managing partner,

According to the Wall Street Journal, IKEA, the Swedish furniture giant, was drawn into Europe’s growing horse meat scandal after food inspectors in the Czech Republic found traces of horse meat in a batch of IKEA’s signature food item – Swedish meatballs.  While the scandal has been raging in Europe for weeks, many of the

Well, 32 years ago.  Here is the story – straight from the “horses mouth:”

During 1981, an incident involving the importation of mislabeled and adulterated meat from Australia resulted in FSIS detaining and sampling nearly 66 million pounds of boneless beef from that country. Shipments labeled as beef were found to contain horsemeat and kangaroo