Food Poisoning Attorney

When you are sitting comfortable at home feeding your kids or going out to dinner, remember that there are a lot of people that have your back. I will be profiling them over the coming days as Poisoned begins streaming on Netflix.

Sarah Sorscher – Director of Regulatory Affairs, Center for Science in the Public

C&E Farms Inc., of Oxnard, CA, is recalling certain bins of romaine lettuce because the product may be contaminated with rodent droppings.

According to the details posted online by the FDA, the recall was initiated on June 16, 2023, and is ongoing.

The recalled product was distributed in Massachusetts and Minnesota.

Recalled products:

  • Romaine lettuce

On Wednesday morning, food safety professionals in industry, academia, and government listened to a panel discussion on the future of produce safety at the Center for Produce Safety’s (CPS) 2023 Research Symposium. The panel, featuring attorney Bill Marler of Marler Clark, Inc., PS, Robert Whitaker of Whitaker Consulting, LLC, and Alexandra Belias, Food Safety Manager-Agricultural

I must admit Willy Nelson has always been a hero.

Goodness, I have been on the road since June 3. A family wedding, a Tribeca premiere of Poisoned, a talk at AFDO and then teaching at MSU. Food Safety never rests. I am glad to be on a plane (somewhere over somewhere) heading home so