This is another it what will be a long – too long – series of outbreak investigations where we have represented consumers in what I hope will be a cautionary tale, and a learning experience, for manufacturers of food.

Nebraska Beef and its meat-processing plant had a long history of safety and health violations, and

1taco-bell.gifTaco Bell – “Mexican-style fast-food restaurant chain” – Salmonella Outbreak

A 22-year-old Oklahoma woman who says she contracted salmonella after eating at Taco Bell has sued the fast-food company. Leah Smith claims she became sick while attending a University of Oklahoma football game last fall, two days after eating at a Taco Bell in Norman.

Hamburger.jpgThe Michigan Departments of Community Health (MDCH) and Agriculture and Rural Development (MDARD) are issuing a public health alert regarding E. coli O157:NM gastrointestinal illnesses linked to the consumption of ground beef from McNees Meats and Wholesale LLC, a meat-processing and retail establishment in North Branch, Mich.

A total of five confirmed Shiga-toxin producing E.