Cronobacter and Salmonella Attorney

How confident should we feel with this waring from the FDA:

“those seeking access [to the formula] should consult with their healthcare provider in considering whether the benefit of consuming such product outweighs the potential risk of bacterial infection in the user’s particular circumstances.”

Linked to Cronobacter sakazakii to date:

Illnesses: 4

Deaths: 2


I could not have said it better.  Here is the full post from the amazing and insightful Phylliis Entis who posts the best at eFoodAlert.

Between September 1, 2019 and September 20, 2021, Abbott Nutrition received seventeen consumer complaints regarding multiple Similac powdered formula products.

Fifteen of the complaints related to infants testing positive for

I have some questions.

First some basic facts:

One ill with Salmonella, Three ill with Cronobacter sakazakii with one death in Minnesota, Ohio and Texas

Findings to date include several positive Cronobacter results from environmental samples taken by FDA at Abbott in Sturgis, Michigan facility.

A review of the Abbott ’s internal records also indicate