As the number of Cargill-related E. coli recalls has grown, we have pulled a few of our past E. coli battles with Cargill and its many subsidiaries. We have spent a bit of time over the years with Cargill and its lawyers.

A bit more history about Cargill – In 1995 Cargill announced the “End of E. coli” in the pages of the New York Times. Now, 12 years later it has recalled nearly 2,000,000 pounds of hamburger (that is nearly enough to give every New Yorker a quarter pounder) in October and November recalls.  Jane Genova, fellow blog addict, posted twice on what "Big Beef" needs to do to fix the problem and the PR.  This post also warranted a post by a top-shelf Florida Law Blogger – Labovick – entitled "Cargill-beef-recall-is-a-walk-down-memory-lane"

Cargill Meat Solutions is the umbrella organization of Cargill’s beef, pork and turkey businesses. A key part of Cargill Meat Solutions was Excel Corporation, which began business nearly 70 years ago and grew from a Midwestern beef company to also include pork, processed meats, case ready meats and food distribution centers. Follow the Timeline:
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For some reason I could not sleep and woke-up quite early this morning to this in my in box – Cargill Meat Solutions Recalls Ground Beef Action due to possible E. coli O157:H7 contamination.  I then saw the following press release from Cargill Meat Solutions [YOU MUST WONDER WHY THEY SEND OUT THE PRESS RELEASE ON A SATURDAY MORNING – PERHAPS NO ONE WILL NOTICE?]:

Cargill s voluntarily recalling approximately 1,084,384 pounds of ground beef produced at its Wyalusing, Pa., Cargill Regional Beef facility because of the possible presence of E. coli O157:H7. The ground beef products subject to recall were produced at the Wyalusing plant between Oct. 8 and 11, 2007, and were distributed to retailers nationwide.  Cargill learned of the possibility of contamination after the U.S. Department of Agriculture returned [WHEN WAS IT RETURNED] a confirmed positive on a sample of product produced Oct. 8, 2007.  Each package or label bears the establishment number “Est. 9400” inside the USDA mark of inspection. As the use/freeze-by dates for products subject to this recall have expired, consumers are urged to look in their freezers for these products and return or discard them if found.  In addition to the above listed products, there are various weights and varieties of ground beef, ground chuck, and ground sirloin product that were distributed for further processing and repackaging and will not bear the same establishment number on the package [MEANS – WE HAVE NO IDEA WHERE THE REST OF THIS STUFF IS].

This from the Company that wants to sell you "Fake Red Meat."  Yesterday I was retained by two more families of two additional HUS victims of the earlier Cargill 1 million pound recall.  Products subject to this new recall are: 

Also, remember Cargill’s 1 million pound recall from last month?  In that one Cargill products were sold at retail establishments, including Sam’s Club, and to restaurants and other institutions throughout the United States.  Since the investigation into that recall began in Minnesota, E. coli illnesses tied to Cargill ground beef products have been identified in Minnesota (5), Wisconsin (5), North Carolina (2) and Tennessee (3).  I think we can correctly assume that the numbers of ill people will continue to climb both from last months recall and from this months – another "million pound month."Continue Reading Cargill recalls over 1 million pounds of ground beef – again

We filed two lawsuits today – one against Cargill on behalf of a Minnesota boy who became ill after eating an E. coli-contaminated hamburger and another on behalf of a Michigan man who became ill after eating a Salmonella-contaminated turkey pot pie.

In the Minnesota case:

According to the complaint, Scott Reber ate a