Over the last week we have responded to nearly 3,500 emails and phone calls. from people who believe that they have been sickened by contaminated peanut butter.  Jason, our tech guy, built the site above – www.peanutbutterclassaction.com – to help our clients and lawyers referring cases to us (nearly 50).  I hope the public finds the site helpful as well.

  • Mark Coughlin

    I have been sick on and off for the last 3 or so months with cramps,throbbing headaches, and all unexplainable as I am very healthy and never get headaches. My most recent episode was about two weeks ago. I have had a jar of the 2111 great value for all this time. It’s almost gone. when I heard the news report I remembered the recent headace and stomach pains. I checked the cupboard and was suprised to see the jar and the code was 2111. Not sure if it’s the culprit or not.I still have the jar for testing. Please advise concerning class action suit.

  • David P. Smith

    I have a 1/2 eaten jar of the 2111 peanut butter. Rather than blissfully send it in to the ConAgra for a refund, I have held on to it. I have experienced unusual ’24 hour’ virus attacks, which is highly out of the ordinary for me. I never miss work and on at least two occasions, I have been so sick, I have called in. Those dates can be confirmed. I never suspected a particular food item caused the illness but my habit is to eat a peanut butter sandwich or two when pressed for time, as I work full time, and have a farm to attend to when I get home. I have two teenage children, who don’t eat peanut butter, who ate the same foods as I did otherwise, and neither displayed any signs of illness. The last time I was ill, I basically vomited from 9 pm to 4 am the next morning, and ran a fever all night.
    I would like to enter into a legal action against ConAgra, if for no other reason, to ensure that this matter is not glossed over and left uncorrected.
    I will be glad to make the jar of peanut butter available for testing.

  • Kelly

    I beleive that both myself and my fiance suffered gastrointestional illness from this peanut butter. We are holding on to the jar, which has the serial number indicated. The company would like us to send in the cap for a refund…however, I feel that more is due to us for our suffering from this product than a $2.00 refund! Please advise us on how to be included in the class action law suit, as we probably can not afford a private attorny.
    Kelly F.

  • Kristin

    My boyfriend was hospitalized for 3 days with what we had suspected was severe food poisoning. Now we think it was from the peanut butter. (We have a recalled jar) He has Kideny disease and is on dialysis awaiting a kidney transplant, so this sickness could have potentially harmed him worse or even put his kidney out of commision all togehter. This company needs to stand up and take blame for the mishandeling of their product. If not for the respect of their bussiness then for the pain and trouble these people who have been sick have gone through. Missing work, unecessary medical bills, frustration etc, its ridiculous!

  • John Marin

    I have faithfully taken a peanut butter & jelly sandwich as part of my lunch for as long as I can remember. I recently started experiencing stomach cramps and headaches. I still have the jar of peanut butter with the serial number indicated. I would like to know how I can be included in the class action law suit.
    Thanks, John

  • William Horn

    I too spent a day with diarrhea and vomiting from what I now suspect was a bad batch of Peter Pan peanut butter. I have held onto the 3 open jars we have. Please let me know if you would like to have them tested.

  • fred

    i too have been sick from eating this peanut butter. i still have the jar with the product code 2111. after a couple of weeks i still have cramps and a heavy feeling in my chest when i retire at night.please let me know how i can be included in this class action suit.
    thank you, fred

  • dustin addis

    i have been sick for a week now and no medical insurance to seek help. prior to my illness i ate a large portion of peter pan peanut butter with the code 2111. i had no idea of the recall and just today 2/28/07 researched the code and brand of contaminated peanut butter. i was the only person in my household that ate the peanut butter and the only one sick. i have lost three days of work and suffered through two days working with this illness. i kept the jar and lid and was hoping for a response about this class action lawsuit

  • Carolyn Cardinale LOVED Peanut Pan Peanut Butter!
    She would eat it daily with crackers while watching Television. Whenever she felt at all sick she would only eat Peanut Pan to settle her stomache. And we always had at least six jars of at home.
    After extreme diarrhea, fever, and abdominal cramps along with chest pains. Carolyn was 75 years old and was a loving and vibrant person, always with a smile for everyone.
    In september her second book was published, and had been plans for a book signing tour. Carolyn Cardinale was admitted by ambulance to a local hospital because of extreme vomiting, fever and chest pains. On November 20 2006 Carolyn Cardinale passed away, with painful suffering.
    Her web site is http://CarolynCardinale.com
    I realize the pin of losing a loved one in this needless and preventable way. My heart goes out to all others who have losted a loved one in this way.
    Bruce Anthony ( Her first son )

  • Ray V

    Thank You for the for filing a class action suit against ConAgra.This web site is very helpful.

  • Phil

    You have my completed packet of info. I am continuing to feel fatigue and muscle pain since the initial vomiting and stomach problems have subsided.I am a triathlete. I fear that this is not going to be a very good race season. I just don’t have the stamina to train as I should and when I run the first couple of miles are very painful.
    Phil M

  • renita

    i have suffered gastorintestinal illness from eating the peterpan peanut butter and i was also hospitalized. the feeling of stomach cramps, vomitting, and muscle aches and pains still linger to this very day. i too have saved my jar and followed the directions from legal sources and i;m happy that this class action lawsuit has taken place.