Dawn Withers of the Salinas Californian wrote this morning an exclusive article:

Grower details his side of outbreak link – ‘We’re part of a bigger story,’ Mission Organics executive says

Nestled in a picturesque San Benito County valley lies a field federal and state authorities say may be the source of E. coli that last summer sickened more than 200 people, killed at least four and inflicted long-term damage on the Salinas-area produce industry.

The 50.9-acre plot at Paicines Ranch lies along Cienega Road near the rural hamlet from which the ranch takes its name. Farmed by Otto Kramm, Mission Organics’ chief operating officer, it’s so far the only field that has been publicly identified as a source of the specific strain of E. coli O157:H7 found among contaminated bags of spinach.

‘Wrong place, wrong time’

“It’s beside the point which farm it is,” Willian Marler said.

Kramm was in the “wrong place at the wrong time,” Marler said, adding that because food-borne illness is a threat to the entire leafy greens industry, every company has cause for concern – especially because other strains of E. coli were found in bags of Dole-brand spinach.

Ultimately, he said, Dole is responsible for the outbreak because its name was on the bags of contaminated spinach.

“It’s Dole’s problem,” Marler said.

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