As I was boarding a plane to Chicago, my inbox filled up with Wright County Egg’s and Hillandale Farm’s first every FDA inspection – the so called 483.  Here are the highlights (more like lowlights) of Wright County Egg. Frankly, it was hard to read this one.  I’ll leave Hillandale’s for another day.  If you want to read them in full, head over to the FDA Website.

• Chicken manure located in the manure pits below the egg laying operations was observed to be approximately 4 feet high to 8 feet high at the following locations: Layer 1 – House 1; Layer 3 – Houses 2, 7, 17, and 18. The outside access doors to the manure pits at these locations had been pushed out by the weight of the manure, leaving open access to wildlife or domesticated animals.

• Un-baited, unsealed holes appearing to be rodent burrows located along the second floor baseboards were observed inside Layer 1 – Houses 1-9 and 11-13; Layer 2 – Houses 7 and 11; Layer 3 – Houses 1, 3, 4, 5, and 6; Layer 4 – House 3.

• Dark liquid which appeared to be manure was observed seeping through the concrete foundation to the outside of the laying houses at the following locations: Layer 1 – Houses 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 8, 11, 12, and 14; and Layer 3 – Houses 1, 8, 13, and 17.

• Standing water approximately 3 inches deep was observed at the southeast corner of the manure pit located inside Layer 1 – House 13.

• Un-caged birds (chickens having escaped) were observed in the egg laying operations in contact with the egg laying birds at Layer 3 – Houses 9 and 16. The un-caged birds were using the manure, which was approximately 8 feet high, to access the egg laying area.

• Layer 3 – House 11, the house entrance door to access both House 11 and 12 was blocked with excessive amounts of manure in the manure pits.

• There were between 2 to 5 live mice observed inside the egg laying Houses 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 9, 10, 11, and 14.

• Live and dead flies too numerous to count were observed at the following locations inside the egg laying houses: Layer 1 – Houses 3, 4, 6, 8, 9, 11, and 12; Layer 2 – Houses 7 and 11; Layer 3 – Houses 3, 4, 4, 5, 7, 8, 15, 16, 17, and 18. The live flies were on and around egg belts, feed, shell eggs and walkways in the different sections of each egg laying area. In addition, live and dead maggots too numerous to count were observed on the manure pit floor located in Layer 2 – House 7.

You get the picture, read on if you wish:

• You did not document washing and disinfecting of your dead hen truck and manure equipment prior to moving from farm to farm.

• You did not maintain records documenting the washing and disinfection of the trailers used for the movement of pullets to laying houses

• Birds were observed roosting and flying, chicks heard chirping in the storage and milking facilities. In addition, nesting material was observed in the feed mill closed mixing system, ingredient storage and truck filling areas.

• Outdoor whole kernel corn grain bins 4 and 6 observed to have the topside doors/lids open to the environment and pigeons were observed entering and leaving these openings. Birds were also observed sitting/flying around and over the openings.

• Samples collected during the course of this inspection and tested by an FDA laboratory revealed the following positive analytical results for Salmonella Enteritidis:

o On 8/13/2010, an environmental sample was collected from Layer 2, house 7 manure swab from row 1 – left side.

o On 8/16/2010, an environmental sample was collected from Layer 2, house 11 at manure scraper blade from row 3 – right side.

o On 8/13/2010, an environmental sample was collected from Layer 4, house 3 at walkway 1 – right side and walkway 3 – right side.

o On 8/14/2010, a sample of meat and bone meal was collected from ingredient bin 7 located at your feed mill.

o On 8/17/2010, a sample of finished feed “Developer” pullet feed was collected from the feed mill.

o On 8/16/2010, an environmental sample was collected from the roof level covered ingredient bin chute 8; Second Floor ingredient bin cover 19 (ingredient bin 19 holds ground corn) located at your feed mill.

  • John Munsell

    An Associated Press article this morning included this statement: “The agency has not traditionally inspected egg farms until there has been a problem. The FDA has said it has not inspected either of the two Iowa farms, even though the owners of Wright County Egg have a long history of health, safety, environmental and immigration violations”. End quote. This is Peanut Corporation of America all over again. FDA may very well lack the personnel and budget to occasionally inspect such facilities. Ahhh, the beauty of deregulation.
    Imagine the maelstrom of pathogen-laced meat in commerce if USDA would only inspect meat plants after there has been a problem. Or if FAA would only inspect airplanes after problems occur. Inherent problems are obvious when our government is comfortable with reactive policies, rather than being proactive.
    FDA folks are professionals in the realm of medicine and medical devices. All their current duties to oversee food facilities should be turned over to another agency.
    The opportunity is ripe for a contemporary Upton Sinclair. Only this time, a book would not focus on industry, but on government agencies which abhor the concept of physically inspecting food production facilities.
    John Munsell

  • Rick

    This is disgusting!! It just goes to show that the populations health and welfare doesnt matter to the higher ups, unless of course it affects them!!!

  • Mr. Blair M. Phillips

    Welcome to “unregulated” Capitalism. What else would you expect?
    The business of business is business(profits!)
    Is there alternatives? What do you think!

  • dogismyth

    ya want cheap eggs don’t ya???
    just wash your goshdarn eggs off.
    besides a little salmonella ain’t bad for ya, compared to what the gov is doing to ya.
    besides, this is likely another setup, among many to come, to jack the price of foodstuff up so the gov can get consumers to spend more money, and thus stimulate the economy. Not to mention for their rich bankster friends to get even richer by playing the AG market with early insider information.
    Its all a game. Its all bullsh#t….everything.
    You never know what the real truth is because those in charge are dishonest, deceptive and there is zero transparency.
    Just be glad you have food to put in your stomach. or we’ll send you to a third world country.

  • Lee

    Imagine my shock …big government and big buisness working together to poison the
    general public….not in America..

  • TruthSeeker

    This is not about jacking up food prices, though that will happen. It is part of a MUCH BIGGER AGENDA by the Criminal ELITE – Global DePopulation. This is GENOCIDE people. You had better wake up to it. They are taking complete control of the food. You will NOT even be allowed to have HOME GARDEN!!! Are you listening!?!?!?! WAKE UP!!! Snap OUT of it, NOW!!!! Your government isn’t just a BAD ONE it is now a CRIMINAL ONE!!! And as more people realize this, they will be seen as TERRORISTS against the Government. Well, SHOULDN’T people be against a mad, criminal, genocidal government? Well – shouldn’t they? The answer is OBVIOUS!! They are making it AGAINST THE LAW to protect, defend, FEED YOURSELF or your FAMILIES!!!! At the same time – they will FORCE you to take their PHONY Vaccinations for their BIOENGINEERED DISEASES which they will DROP on YOU and your LOVED ONES!!!! Again – are you LISTENING!?!?!?! They (the CRIMINAL ELITE Banking Cartels and BLOODLINE ROYALTY, etc.with their PUPPET LEADERS like OBAMA, SARKOZY, MERKEL, the Pharmaceutical Companies, and their Bulldog the FDA – Fraud and Death Association etc.) have decided in their Infinite Wisdom that there are TOO MANY PEOPLE – and they want to rid the world of BILLIONS – This includes YOU AND YOUR LOVED ONES! Check out Agenda 21! Do a little Research – and then make up your mind to RESIST the New World Order. If we don’t Hang Together – we shall certainly hang separately, yes? And all that EVIL needs to Succeed is for GOOD PEOPLE TO DO NOTHING!!! Remember that… Now UP OFF YOUR KNEES – the LION AWAKENS!!!!

    If you think that if you JUST KEEP QUIET maybe they will leave you alone – THINK AGAIN – They WON’T. Time to call up your GUTS and OPEN YOUR EYES. Freedom ISN’T FREE!!! ETERNAL VIGILANCE is the Price of FREEDOM….(Thomas Jefferson)

  • hereward

    The whole point of this is to scare us into giving the FDA more power, so that they can regulate smaller operators out of business, which will make the FDA’s corporate masters very happy. They can’t compete fairly on the basis of quality, so their favored strategy is to use the government to make their competition illegal. If they get their new law (in this case, Senate bill S510), the sort of thing discussed in this article will continue to happen, only the consumer will have less opportunity to buy food from smaller operators—and smaller operators are less likely run their facilities in the unsanitary way described above than are the big corporate farms, who after all have the ability to buy the government.

  • Jeannon Kralj,0,7363062.story
    “In a statement, Hillandale Farms said it and Wright County Egg “share a number of common suppliers because they are in the same industry in the same state. One of those suppliers is Quality Egg, LLC which supplies pullets and feed to both companies and is owned by the [Jack] DeCoster family. ”
    I wrote to Quality Egg company to inquire about their feed product and there was no reply.
    I just find all of this story about the eggs very confusing. If it was contaminated feed that the chickens ate, then it is the inside of the egg that has the salmonella, not just the outside of the egg, and I have always understood that if you fully cook an egg, it kills salmonella.
    Now we get this report that it’s the conditions and environment at those two egg farms that caused the salmonella, and this report seems to imply that the salmonella is only on the outside of the eggs.
    What we need is someone to explain the facts and the truth to us.

  • AJ

    This whole egg thing is nothing more than another political plot… give the government more control over our food sources.

  • casey

    Here’s what you do… a couple of laying hens and take care of them (you can start with chicks…the kids love ’em). Voila! Your very own cheap, safe, FRESH eggs! When they finally stop laying, you got yourself a stewin’ hen (this is what I have done for years).

  • Why can’t we all realize that we have the POWER to shut down these morons, shithead trash (the lowest scum of the earth) that spew foul for monetary gain. Come on people! Send a message that WE THE PEOPLE have the power make or break any company no matter how big or small by boycotting their filth.

  • Eastern Shore

    I sat down and wrote a big long thing about how city folk don’t understand how their food is grown and how this is industry standard for most chicken operations, but no one wants to hear that. You are all responsible for the conditions at that farm because of what chicken products you buy. Don’t like it, buy free range or better yet, buy locally or grow your own. The government will use this as they have done before to push out the few small time farmers left and leave it to the big companies like these two. Better yet, maybe this will hike the price enough so we can ship more horrible food from China.
    Demand change with your pocket book through the free market system. Be prepared to pay though, quality isn’t cheap so I know consumers still wont do it. They like having lots of junk instead of investing in quality, even more so when it comes to food.
    My background, shoved chicken sh*t throughout my childhood. Both sides of my family owned chicken houses, father’s side cleaned them out. This is 100% the norm in the chicken industry.

  • escapefromobamastan

    Golly gee. I guess Homeland Security must come in now and control our food supply and all chickens will need to be vaccinated, which will surely be a windfall to vaccine companies.
    Factory farms are a disaster. Buy your own chickens and put them in your backyard for Christ’s sake!

  • marisa wright

    nest egg is definitition is money, human sperm is dna, lion manure and chicken manure is different from retirement nest egg. totally shock. micheal jordan dna, mixed with manure