Still going after the small fish?

The Associated Press reported this evening that a second fired worker has been arrested in a case involving alleged abuses at a Chino slaughterhouse that led to the nation’s largest beef recall. Luis Sanchez surrendered to Chino police Wednesday and pleaded not guilty Thursday to three misdemeanors involving the illegal movement of sick or injured cattle. Prosecutors say he remains in custody in lieu of $15,000 bail and is scheduled for a pretrial hearing next week.  An arrest warrant was issued Friday for Sanchez and his Westland/Hallmark Meat Company co-worker Daniel Ugarte Navarro. Navarro was taken into custody previously and released on bail. He faces five felony counts of animal abuse in addition to three misdemeanors.

I say what these two workers did (caught on tape) was horrible. But come on, who believes that they abused these animals on their own? What gain do they personally have? What they did was wrong, but who told them to do it?

  • Nicole

    And where did these minimum wage paid workers get the machinery, fork lifts, shock devices etc. to abuse these cows. We all know they didn‚Äôt have the money to buy a forklift. Are they serious? Why would a worker care at all if a cow is passed through unless pressured by their superiors. The worker is being paid nonetheless. The only person who stands to benefit is the owner. We aren’t all members of the lowest common denominator … you know, the ones who need a warning to not microwave their dog. Many of us are pretty smart and this firing is insulting. Of course the higher ups knew what was going on. There is no doubt about that. Beef is removed from my diet. I don’t need it. First it was just ground beef and now it is all beef. And anyone that I can convince will stop eating beef as well … for now anyway. They hurt the honest ones, if they exist. Maybe this is a good reason for beef to be labeled as to where it comes from. Then the innocents won’t be hurt. The government won‚Äôt even allow a meat company to say a meat is tested and is negative for mad cow disease because then people won‚Äôt buy meats that don‚Äôt have that statement. They say self regulation works. Here is a news flash: It doesn‚Äôt work, obviously.