Prompted by a post by the "Raw Milk Apologist," The Complete Patient – "When It Comes to Discussing Raw Milk Safety, It Helps to Appreciate the Behind-the-Scenes Agendas at Hand," I felt the need to give a bit of a counter-point to "the raw milk kills all ills" propaganda the spews from his keyboard.  Here are some hard facts – and recalls and illnesses related to raw milk:

Campylobacter Recall, California (Organic Pastures)

Campylobacter Outbreak, Colorado (Investigation ongoing)

Campylobacter Outbreak, Ferndale, Washington

Campylobacter Recall, Pennsylvania (Dean Farms)

Campylobacter Recall, Pennsylvania (Headricks dairy)

Listeria Outbreak, Washington

My friends at Barfblog (aptly named) produced this list of Raw Milk Outbreaks and Recalls – hopefully the above updates it.

  • Graeme Bird

    No good. These are recalls of raw milk, devoid of evidence that the raw milk was the cause of the problem. This is explicit in your first example. The raw milk was recalled, and yet it was some restaurant that was thought to be the problem. Try again.

  • You may believe that, but you are not correct.