For those subscribers or avid readers (thanks mom) of my blog, or those that get an email or two, or three from me daily, this is why this all is important.  A kid should not be born several weeks premature because her mom was eating cantaloupe.  Thanks to MSNBC for the photos:


  • Bix

    I’m so glad you do what you do.

  • Sam

    We (the food industry) need armies of people like Bill. Merry Christmas, or whatever it is you may be celebrating this season, to the Marler Family, and all at Marler Clark!

  • Randy Francisco

    Also, don’t let Bill do all the work. Get after your food industry contacts regarding their food supplying and handling practices. Be your own consumer advocate. They need to know we are paying attention.

  • Paul F Schwarz

    Thank you Bill and the rest of the team! Where are the investigative reporters?

  • Mrs. Mudder

    Bill Marler,
    A million THANKS for you and your family.
    Happy Holidays,
    Mrs. Mudder

  • Lewis Kimble

    Thanks for the great lessons at MSU. I would not be in the lead person in my Food Safety inspection Consumer Protection Unit without the passion you taught in the lessons of food law and food safety.
    The bylaws of our MSPro class taught me to give back to my community as much as I took from the courses provided. I have a few big projects still to teach Northern California Food Protection groups.
    Your blog is inspirational. I appreciate the passion you have to save lives.
    Best regards,
    Lewis Kimble