We now know that Nebraska Beef E. coli-tainted meet found its way into Coleman Natural Meats and then to Whole Foods and Dorothy Lanes Markets.  Kroger and its subsidiaries, Fred Meyer, City Market and King Soopers seems to have taken their E. coli strait from Nebraska Beef.  It also appears that Whole Foods and the rest kept selling Nebraska Beef meat after the June 30th recall.  Why?

So to recap, Nebraska Beef has recalled 6,500,000 pounds of E. coli-tainted meat since June.  Interestingly, Whole Foods, Dorothy Lanes Markets, Kroger, Fred Meyer, City market and King Soopers do not list the amount of meat they are recalling.  Why?

E. coli count since “uptick” began in Spring of 2007 – 41,658,179 pounds or 20,829 tons – see Excel Spreadsheet.