Great to see that FSIS and Kroger recalled the meat.  The current Kroger ground beef recall is not the first experience Kroger has had with contaminated meat. Not only has Kroger been involved in E. coli outbreaks in the past, but in 2002, a resident of Gahanna, Ohio (where the first E. coli illness of the current outbreak was documented) was infected with E. coli from meat purchased at Kroger and did not survive the illness. She was also a Kroger employee.

2001: Excel Corporation of Newnan, GA recalled 190,000 pounds of fresh ground beef and pork that had been distributed to Kroger stores in Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, South Carolina, and Tennessee.

2002: Kroger stores in 18 states recalled ConAgra ground beef products. In all, 18.6 million pounds of beef was recalled. 45 People in 23 states became ill with E. coli from the tainted meat. One woman in Ohio died.

2002 – One store in Arkansas recalled 240 pounds ground beef, no illnesses.

2003: Green Bay Dressed Beef doing business as American Foods Group recalled 106,000 pounds of fresh and frozen ground beef products distributed under the Kroger logo.

2007 – United Food Group recalled 5.7 million pounds of beef, including hamburger sold at Krogers.