After talking to more that a few people who seem to be part of this nationwide and ongoing Cyclospora outbreak, perhaps a common vegetable is not becoming clear – yet, but it is becoming more evident that there is a common restaurant chain that links they vast majority of those sickened.

Question is – will public health announce it?

As I said last night, according to CIDRAP, the Cyclospora illness total has reached 373 as opposed to the 353 reported by the CDC to date.  According to the CDC, as of July 26, 2013, the CDC has been notified of 353 cases of Cyclospora infection from the following 15 health departments: Iowa, Texas, Nebraska, Florida, Wisconsin, Illinois, New York City, Georgia, Missouri, Arkansas, Connecticut, Kansas, Minnesota, New Jersey, and Ohio.

21 patients from three states have been hospitalized, but no deaths have been reported.

CIDRAP reports that Iowa, Nebraska, and Texas have reported more cases since the July 26 announcement.

The Iowa Department of Public Health (IDPH) reported 5 more cases, boosting its total to 145. The Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) announced 6 more cases, raising its total to 77.  Texas Department of State Health Services (TDSHS) said on Jul 26 that a total of 101 Cyclospora infections have been reported in that state so far, 9 more than reflected in the CDC update.