One is the view from my kitchen window:

The other is for the email I received from the family of E. coli victim, Linda Rivera:

1-6-2009 @ 9:35pm

Linda’s condition is amazingly improved. Though still seriously disabled, she actually has a reasonable prospect of a decent rehabilitation and restoration of most normal day-to-day functions. Today, my heart melted as she greeted me and Sharon with an ear-to-ear smile, outstretched arms, a gentle embracing hug, and mouthing words of being glad to see us. She gave us a hardy “two thumbs up” and a big smile when asked how she was doing.

Linda is breathing on her own for most of the time via a special T-piece tube that delivers humidified oxygen to her tracheostomy opening. A so called “talking tracheostomy” tube was placed in her tracheostomy and allowed her to talk. Linda is quite animated now. When I was last with her in August, she was unable to move most of her left side and unable to mouth words. Back then her eyes were fixed in a stare straight ahead. To see her completely participate in visiting us and her other visitors is truly a miraculous sight. Mortality for what she has been thru exceeds anywhere from 60-85%.

Linda has stable organ systems, still gets nauseated and doesn’t always hold food down. Also of good note is that she is able to actually take small oral feedings, swallow them, and able to direct the food down her esophagus and away from going down her lungs. This is a medical testimony to recovery of brain stem cranial nerve function and resolution of brain substance damaged by the stroke a few months earlier.

There is definite reason for cautious optimism regarding her prognosis. It has gone from nearly grave some months ago to guarded but more favorable today. Infection is probably her biggest threat and adversary.

Medicine and nursing are great, so we are very blessed to have had such persevering health practitioners. Ultimately, the One who revealed and provided all the resources known to man for effective medical care of Linda deserves all praise and worship.

It looks like it will be a good day.