OK, Topps Meat recalled 21,000,000 pounds of meat and sickened 40; Nebraska Beef has recalled only 6,500,000 pounds and sickened nearly 80.  Topps was only a grinding operation (received primals from slaughter houses from all over the world).  Nebraska Beef was a slaughter house that shipped primals and other intact cuts of meats to various further processors and grocery stores – organic and not.  Topps Meat had 87 employees.  Nebraska Beef nearly 1,000 employees.  Hmmm, not much in common?

It took Topps Meat from the first recall of September 27, 2007 until Bankruptcy on November 23, 2007 (57 days).  Nebraska Beef’s first recall was June 30, 2008 – well, we are now at day 42. 

Question, Nebraska Beef’s recall was smaller than Topps, but number of employees and ill larger, will Bankruptcy filing be sooner or later?

  • Amanda

    This is ruthless, but I’m in.
    Let’s see, perhaps Topps recalled all ground meat in a certain time frame to be sure about the list. Nebraska Beef may have cherry-picked cuts and/or reduced its time frame. If it has been less conservative about its recall, that decision may be coming back to bite in the form of illnesses.
    Even with the high rate of illnesses, Nebraska Beef has shown a great deal of brass in suing the church ladies, so it might hold out a little longer than Topps (though the church ladies will ultimately make the fall that much harder).
    I give them 78 days, 4.5 hours.
    If this is the beginning of a betting pool, I’ve got a whole buck right here.