Tonight at 10:00: hundreds of millions of pounds of beef have been recalled over the last several years. Is the meat we eat, safe? Several recalls were for meat processed in Milwaukee. TODAY’S TMJ4 sent requests for federal inspection reports. The reports we got show problems at one part of Cargill’s big operation in Milwaukee. We showed those inspections to people who closely watch the food industry, and they had plenty to say about food safety. Tonight, live at 10:00, you’ll see exactly what the federal documents show, and you’ll hear from a woman who got E. coli from tainted meat processed in Wisconsin.

“A lot of the problems that you see with respect to cleanliness, with respect to potential contamination problems, were things that were not just something that happened on a particular day, but as you can tell from the documents, some of the problems were long standing,” Attorney Bill Marler said.