1taco-bell.gifTaco Bell – “Mexican-style fast-food restaurant chain” – Salmonella Outbreak

A 22-year-old Oklahoma woman who says she contracted salmonella after eating at Taco Bell has sued the fast-food company. Leah Smith claims she became sick while attending a University of Oklahoma football game last fall, two days after eating at a Taco Bell in Norman. She says she was sick for two weeks.

The Centers for Disease Control said last month that 16 people in Oklahoma are among 68 people who were infected with salmonella after eating at a “Mexican-style fast-food restaurant chain.”

1JimmyJohnsLogo.jpgJimmy John’s – E. coli Outbreak

An Altoona woman has become the second Iowan to sue Jimmy John’s sandwich chain over an outbreak of foodborne illness linked to sprouts. Mollie Horton, 23, filed the lawsuit Thursday in Polk County District Court. She said she fell ill Dec. 26, days after eating a sandwich from a Jimmy John’s party platter at a family gathering. Horton’s lawsuit said she removed the sprouts from the sandwich but nonetheless caught E. coli poisoning that caused her to be hospitalized for three days and sick for weeks. Testing showed her illness was the result of the strain linked to the outbreak, which sickened 12 people in five states. Federal authorities said last week that five of the 12 patients were from Iowa.

A Jimmy John’s spokeswoman declined to comment. But Horton’s attorney, Bill Marler, says the Illinois-based chain has finally pulled sprouts from its menu.

A Polk County woman sickened for weeks after eating tainted sprouts has filed a lawsuit accusing sandwich chain Jimmy John’s of serving unsafe food. On Tuesday, Heather Tuttle of Clive filed a separate lawsuit in Des Moines seeking damages for pain and suffering. Tuttle was diagnosed with E. coli poisoning after eating a turkey sandwich from a West Des Moines Jimmy John’s in West Des Moines last month. Her lawsuit describes weeks of excruciating cramps and diarrhea that required medical treatment.

  • joe


  • Paul F Schwarz

    I have never ate at a Jimmy John’s and won’t go to a Taco Bell to grab some fast food! This last Wednesday I finally ate 2 small pieces of cantaloupe. Thanks for keeping me informed Bill.

  • Tamara

    joe, I think that’s a really good idea, except I would prefer if the contributors were not allowed to speculate the cause. Just list symptoms. and also the restaurants and grocery stores where they got their food in the past 2 weeks. And then some smart software can do an analysis. Kind of like the USGS “Did you feel it” for earthquake reporting.
    Paul, I wasn’t even affected, directly or indirectly, by cantaloupe and now I’m afraid to eat it ! It’s not entirely rational, I’m just so shocked by what I’ve read about food poisoning in the past couple of months.

  • Paul F Schwarz

    Tamara, My family and myself were affected by listeria tainted cantaloupe. Our father passed away the 18th of December after eating cantaloupe from Jensen farms this past summer. It took from September until last Wednesday to eat two small pieces of cantaloupe. Before my father was diagnosed in September I didn’t pay too much attention to food borne illness, but I do now! I also encourage all to read Poisoned. The book is about the Jack in the Box E Coli outbreak in 1993. Marler Blog is most informative.
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