With raw milk outbreak in both Oregon and Missouri, it is hard to keep up on the outbreak and recalls.  This line list was compiled through searches for government and dairy industry press releases, reports, and newsletters announcing dairy-related outbreaks and recalls. The data precedes official statistics from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, which typically has a ~2-year time lag before being available to the public.  (Download PDF)


• 26 raw dairy outbreaks with 333 illnesses, no deaths (24 fluid raw milk, 2 aged raw milk cheese)

• 2 pasteurized dairy outbreak with 39 illnesses, no deaths

• 1 pasteurized Mexican-style cheese sporadic illness, no deaths

• 2 queso fresco Mexican-style cheese outbreak with 67 illnesses, no deaths

• 3 sporadic illnesses and hospitalizations from illegal Mexican-style cheese, no deaths

Recalls (no illnesses reported)

• 14 raw dairy (7 fluid raw milk, 7 aged raw milk cheese)

• 7 queso fresco Mexican-style cheese

• 8 pasteurized (non-queso fresco) cheese

• 4 dairy product recalls due to inadequate pasteurization

Also see, Outbreaks from Unpasteurized (Raw) Milk and non-Mexican Style Raw Milk Cheeses, United States, 1998-2011.  (Download PDF)

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