Andrew Schneider of the Seattle P-I wrote one of the “Fair and Balanced” stories in this mornings PI – Raw milk: Should the state ban it? Or drink it up? After E. coli outbreak and guilty plea, debate rages on. I did not add much except to but in a dose of reality to the farmers and the grocery stores who sell raw milk to kids.

Seattle food safety lawyer Bill Marler is up to his neck in many of those lawsuits. He grew up drinking raw milk on the farm "because that’s what my dad wanted us to do," he said. He has tried injury suits stemming from most of Washington’s raw milk outbreaks and is now handling similar cases in California and Missouri.

"The entire raw milk debate is so emotionally charged that there’s no common ground at all," Marler said. "The reality is if you poison a little child by selling a product that could easily be pasteurized, you’re going to have to deal with the legal issues surrounding that," he said.