Linda DeGraaf, a client from the 2009 Jimmy John’s (a.k.a., Restaurant A) Salmonella Sprout Outbreak, took it upon herself to ask Jimmy John’s this question by email:

As someone who was sickened by the salmonella outbreak from sprouts in 2009 from a Jimmy Johns sandwich, I feel it is time for you to remove sprouts from the menu. I have not eaten there since my illness and since it is an on-going problem with sprouts, I hope you consider removing sprouts from your restaurant. Hope you give consideration to this.

And, here is Jimmy John’s email response:


We no longer serve sprouts because supplies were too inconsistent.

Thank you,


A similiar response went to a local restaurant by Jimmy John’s himself:

430902_10150657432786096_55341356095_11283539_1801510148_n.jpgAnd from today’s Jimmy John’s Facebook page today:

Jimmy John’s

Sprouts are out, but that doesn’t mean we’re done with this issue; this pic is me this morning in my test kitchen. i discovered this cool veggie, its a snow pea shoot, tastes really yummy and looks really cool on the sammie. if your in Champaign, illinois, go to the unit at 1811 w kirby ave and try em on your turkey tom or veggie or the #12. Peace out folks, the gov can push me down but they aint gonna push me out, i’m not a quitter i’m a doer, hold tight, I’ll keep you posted.

  • Gabrielle Meunier

    Congratulations should go out to Jimmy John’s for making a wise decision.

  • What audacity, with over 1,000 stores, “the gov can push me down……”. Several times the sprouts that you use make several people sick and then you want to make it the little Jimmy John against the big mean old gov. Say you gave up sprouts in the interest of food safety. Say you did it because it’s a good business decision but not this I’m doing to get “the man” off my back.