At times both lawyers and the media take some heat from politicians – mostly from the right – for standing up for their rights. I am proud when one of my clients is willing to take the abuse.

Erin M. Carrera maintained her 16-year-old became ill after eating two zeppole’s made at the bakery last month.

“I was just infuriated, absolutely infuriated. As a chef, I’m infuriated by the lack of food handling and food safety that was practiced there, and as a mother infuriated that my son should have to go through an illness for simply enjoying a couple of zeppoles,” said Carrera. …

“I feel that it was just such gross negligence that it should be punished,” said Carrera.

Mom sues RI bakery after son falls ill:

Court Document: Salmonella Lawsuit

As some readers know, I have spent the past few years traveling to China on food safety.  If Ms. Carrera lived in China, she and the reporter would likely be in jail.  Think about it.