According to press reports from Minneapolis, 14 illnesses now have been linked to E. coli contamination at Taco John’s restaurants in southeast Minnesota, according to the Minnesota Health Department.  Several of those ill have suffered Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome – acute kidney failure.  Lab tests have confirmed five cases, and nine more are suspected. Seven are associated with restaurants in Albert Lea and Austin. Health officials have yet to verify whether the outbreak involves the same strain of E. coli bacteria that caused illnesses at another Taco John’s in Cedar Falls, Iowa where nearly 30 people, 14 hospitalized have been counted.  If the outbreaks are linked, it suggests that all three restaurants got shipments of contaminated food from the same source, said Kirk Smith, supervisor of the foodborne-disease unit at the Health Department.  An interesting quote:

“the first place the restaurant and health officials are checking is in fresh produce.”

I made a post yesterday, So, “what is it with Tacos?” that bears re-reading.