Taco John’s – we have filed two suits in Federal Court in Iowa against Taco John’s.  We have been contacted by 10 other Minnesota and Iowa residents and we are investigating those claims.  Interestingly, at first Taco John’s seemed to deny that its restaurant in Waterloo, Iowa was implicated, but Fred Minnick’s article today seems to support that our client and others became sick as a result of eating there.

UPDATED: Taco John’s reacts to lawsuit

“On Dec. 20, the company confirmed the media’s report of a lawsuit, that there had been one confirmed illness and possibly a few other illnesses allegedly associated with a fourth restaurant, in Waterloo, Iowa. According to a statement, neither the restaurant franchisees nor the corporation were contacted by the local health department or by any individuals who believe they became ill after eating at the Waterloo location.”

In addition, to their credit, “Taco John’s has paid medical expenses for customers whose illness resulted from eating at one of the affected restaurants.”

Taco Bell
– we have filed two suits in Federal Court, one in Pennsylvania and one in New York.  We have been contacted by 25 other people from several states and we are investigating.  Taco Bell has not offered to pay customer’s medical bills.