We received several calls today from sorority sisters who have been sickened by E. coli O157:H7 at the University of Colorado in Boulder.  Interestingly, the common denominator seems to be Jimmy John’s – just off campus.  Coincidentally, the first inspection since 7/28/06 occurred on 9/28/08 and the report was mailed to Mr. Prescott (the owner) today.  The purpose was to investigate "suspect food-borne illness complaint who reported eating at the facility. Complainants had approximately 13 sandwich plates with 10 sandwiches each delivered to their facility on Sept. 20th.  Sandwiches included Big John’s, Turkey Tom, Ham and Cheese, and Vegetarian."  E. coli does not seem to be listed as an ingredient – yet.

  • cubuffs78

    BOULDER JIMMY JOHNS EMPLOYEE. I work in the Boulder store. None of my co-workers had symptoms and no one was home sick. What the paper did not report was that there were other cases in Boulder that were not linked to Jimmy Johns. It looks to us like it came from a common food supplier of possibly lettuce or sprouts. As a testament to their responsible attitude, all Jimmy Johns in the nation have stopped selling sprouts and many independent tests are being conducted. Viva la Jimmy!