A second lawsuit was filed today against CW Sprouts, the company tied to the recent Salmonella outbreak associated with alfalfa sprouts. The suit, which was filed in the Tenth District Court of Nebraska, Douglas County, is on behalf of Omaha resident Amanda Monastersky. The Ausman Law Firm, an Omaha area firm, is also representing the plaintiff.

Ms. Monastersky severe gastrointestinal illness lasted for several weeks. Ultimately, health officials determined that Ms. Monastersky was one of more than 120 people infected with Salmonella Saintpaul in Nebraska, Iowa, South Dakota, and Kansas in February and March of 2009. Health officials linked the outbreak to sprouts produced by CW Sprouts and distributed under the name SunSprouts. CW Sprouts has recalled the implicated product.

  • chark koho

    i am not sure this will resolve anything other than increase the cost of food to consumers to cover the expense of litigation. we shouldn’t get sick from our food, but it’s almost a given that sometime during our lives we will. i can’t see the possibility ever being completely eradicated. was the company negligent? i don’t know. food passes through so many hands, including on the shelf where consumers touch, sneeze and handle things. i can’t imagine trying to rapidly produce food for nearly 300 million people and i wish we could come up with a rock solid way of preventing such things, but i don’t see it happening. do you?