And, I do not even get quoted in "Is raw, unpasteurized milk safe?"  The pictures are worth a few millions of words:

Interesting article on raw milk risks, politics and emotions.  I think what was missing in the article was a longer discussion on the number of the outbreaks that have in fact happened:

And, the results of those outbreaks on the consumers:

It is pretty clear that the owner of the Dungeness Dairy simply does not get it, or simply does not care.  This point in the story was shocking:

… The key point: When you hear about food-borne illness, think manure.

Cows create a lot of waste. They do it in the barn and in the fields. They do it while they’re being milked. It’s liquid and it splatters. It’s on their legs and tails and udders. Preventing waste from getting in the milk is all-important.

Every morning and every evening, Brown ushers his herd into the milking parlor, eight at a time. He dips each cow’s teats in an iodine solution, which helps reduce, but not eliminate, bacteria. Then he wipes them with a cloth. He gets a fresh cloth after four cows.

It’s easy to see potential problems. He doesn’t exactly study the udders to make sure he’s cleaned every last inch. And it’s messy. On a recent visit, one cow, who was sore, fussed as Brown started the milking device. She pooped, splattering Brown’s face, but he didn’t seem to notice. She fussed so much that the device fell to the floor, and the cow stepped on it. When Brown finally got her off it, he sprayed it with a hose. Then he put it on the next cow.

"When they get upset, this is the result," he said later, wiping his face and arms. Then he was ready for the next group of eight.

  • Sue Dessman

    Any food or kitchen can be poisonous if no care is taken. What should we eat? Mexican food? Deli food? Plastic and chemicals? We can’t grow safe food and the only way it seems we can eat is to eat processed “food” that bears little or no resemblence to what God intended. Sorry for the God reference, but I’m not sure what allah or person we are allowed to believe these days. For all the “healthful” food the government is providing us it is surprising we are as unhealthy as we are. I guess that’s the idea. Up with “FREE” health care and I hope you make lots of money convincing people of this.

  • Marymary

    Interesting how willing people are to overlook visible dirt and to completely ignore the stuff that isn’t readily visible.
    The picture above reminds of what happend when I did retail inspections, and people found out what I did for a living. I was frequently questioned about popular, hole-in-the-wall restaurants.
    Questioner: “Is such-and-such safe? I love to eat there.”
    Me: “Well, you’ve seen the place. What do you think?”
    Questioner: Frown and backing away as they realize that if the restaurant in question doesn’t look clean to customers, then the kitchen isn’t clean.