Michael Higgins, Chicago Tribune staff reporter  wrote a few hours ago – 2 sickened at Taste sue restaurant

Two friends who say they got sick last month from eating hummus at the Pars Cove booth at Taste of Chicago filed a lawsuit today against the restaurant. Monique Roach, 49, and Willie Smith, 43, both from the Morgan Park neighborhood, are believed to be the first to file suit against Pars Cove. But more than 500 people who ate the hummus have reported becoming ill, city officials said Monday. Smith, 43, also got sick but didn’t seek medical attention, said the plaintiffs’ attorney, Adrian Mazar of Chicago [I tried to fid Adrian on the web, but could not].

As of noon Monday, 529 people had called the city health department claiming symptoms of salmonella poisoning, up from 491 reported Saturday, officials said. Fifty cases have been confirmed as salmonellosis [from this report it is not clear that Ms. Roach and Mr. Smith are part of the 529 or the 50, or either]