It is expected that the Nevada and Southern Nevada Health District will update the public on the Firefly outbreak by the numbers ill and the likely serotype of the Salmonella.  We learned today from a stool culture that the illnesses are Salmonella Group B, but the serotype has not yet been listed.  Group B consists of many varieties with the most common – in alphabetical order:

S. abortusovis

S. agona

S. bredeney

S. heildeberg

S. indiana

S. jave

S. paratyphi B

S. reading

S. saintpaul

S. schwarzendrund

S. stanley

S. typhimurium

S. typhimurium var. copenhagen

Many of the above are the most common serotypes that we have seen in outbreaks, if you want to do a bit of research, visit, and type in the any of the above names and see what outbreaks they have been associated with.