Or, When is a recall not really a recall?

The New York Times and Associated Press continue to report on the slow pace of the “recall” of contaminated Castleberry canned goods from stores all over the country:

Recalled Canned Foods Continue to Be Found on Grocery Shelves

Stores continue to sell recalled canned chili, stew, hash and other foods potentially contaminated with poisonous bacteria even after repeated warnings. Thousands of cans are being removed from shelves as quickly as investigators find them, more than a week after Castleberry’s Food began recalling more than 90 potentially contaminated products over fears of botulism.

The fact that this “voluntary recall” is still ongoing only underscores the need for change. RECALLS, should mean something. If a product has been found to be contaminated, it should be pulled from the shelves of stores quickly – “voluntary recalls” should be mandatory – no arguing, no excuses – it should be the law.