With raw milk in the news nearly everyday, I thought supporting a website that offered unbiased facts on the pros and cons of consuming raw milk products would be useful in the raw milk debate. More than anything, I wanted to be able to have a place where parents could “find out the answers to commonly asked questions about raw (unpasteurized, unprocessed) milk benefits, safety, and how risks from raw milk compare with other foods like pasteurized milk, fresh fruits and vegetables, and meat/poultry/fish.”

I hope you find the site helpful – www.realrawmilkfacts.com.

  • Doc Mudd

    A factual, unbiased internet resource explaining about unpasteurized milk is vital. But it won’t be popular reading – it doesn’t support the fantasies that are currently circulating.
    However, like the owner’s manual of a car, each one of us will eventually reach for the facts when the ‘check engine’ light flashes on.
    Keep up the good work fighting the factual fight.

  • Allison Chait

    I am sorry but in the interest of fair and unbiased the site listed above is neither as it is a anti-raw milk propaganda site disguised as a pro raw milk information site. More people have been poisoned by raw meat and spinach for goodness sake than raw milk, what is going on in this country? I highly recommend people do their own research very carefully. Should anyone actually be interested in information about raw milk untainted by industry sponsored propaganda please go to realmilk.com and westonaprice.org.

  • Read from website http://www.raw-milk-facts.com that raw milk is good source for health. I am not agree with your blog because controversy is everywhere then what we prefer?

  • deb

    If you want to actually provide unbiased information, you could at least list a number of sites so that people can read both pro-raw and anti-raw spins on the available information. There’s more than one site to choose from, and yes, there’s a lot of conflicting information and a lot of conflicting opinions out there, but offering only one side really does your readers a disservice.
    I DID grow up on raw milk (never once suffered food poisoning as a child) and I WOULD like to find it for my own family without a misinformed government deciding for me whether or not it’s “unfit for human consumption” (the official position of my State government). I don’t for one moment think that anyone should only have raw milk to choose from but I also don’t think it’s OK for me to only have pasteurized to choose from: nobody in my family can digest the stuff, so we don’t drink it from our grocery store: not milk, not ice cream, not most cheeses. We CAN digest raw milk and love it when we are visiting out-of-state family and friends. It IS a matter of knowing your source and assessing the risks and benefits for yourself; the site you provided really doesn’t give the full picture of either the risks or benefits. There’s more to raw milk than an opportunity to get involved in a lawsuit.