Here are some links to stories on raw milk-related illnesses that we have, or have had, the honor to represent the ill person or persons (mainly kids), and the status of the cases.

Dee Creek

An outbreak of E. coli bacteria that has sickened 11 or more people, four critically with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, has been linked to a dairy that was ordered by the state in August to stop selling raw milk.  Dee Creek Farm, accused of defying the order, is being investigated by at least four state and local agencies, and investigators asked that all of those who consumed milk from the dairy contact their local health departments, regardless of whether they are or have recently been ill.  Raw milk no longer sold.  Lawsuits Settled.

Grace Harbor Farms

Two children have been sickened by E. coli bacteria (one with Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome) in a case associated with unpasteurized milk, the state Health Department said Thursday.  The milk came from Grace Harbor Farms, a dairy operation in Whatcom County, the department said.  Testing confirmed both cases were caused by the same strain of the bacteria, E. coli O157:H7 — also the strain at issue in the recent spinach recall.  The Health Department release said both children drank milk from the dairy, whose products are available in several counties through health food stores, PCC Natural Markets and Whole Foods Market.  Raw milk no longer sold.  Lawsuit Settled

Organic Pastures

E. coli O157:H7 outbreak linked to the consumption of raw milk products.  Five of six patients reported they had consumed Organic Pastures raw dairy products in the week before their illness onset; the sixth patient denied drinking Organic Pastures raw milk, although his family routinely purchased it.  Among the five patients who consumed Organic Pastures dairy products, two consumed raw whole milk, two consumed raw skim milk, and one consumed raw chocolate-flavored colostrum. Four of the five patients routinely drank raw milk from Organic Pastures.  One patient was exposed to Organic Pastures dairy product only once; he was served raw chocolate colostrum as a snack when visiting a friend.  No other food item was commonly consumed by all six patients.  No other illness was reported among household members who consumed brand Organic Pastures products.  Two children developed Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.  In Litigation.

The Herb Depot

The Herb Depot of sold the raw goat’s milk illegally and encouraged the Pedersen’s to buy it.  Pedersen child developed Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome.  The milk was contaminated with E. coli at the time it was sold. The Missouri Attorney General’s Office is also filing suit against the company for violating the law.  Assume they have stopped selling raw milk.  In Litigation.

Town Farm Dairy

Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms

Alexandre Family EcoDairy Farms ended its raw milk program after several people who consumed the product got sick, including one Crescent City woman who remains in intensive care and is partially paralyzed (actually on a ventilator). The Del Norte County Department of Public Health suspects at least 15 people who ingested raw milk contracted Campylobacter, a common bacteria found in domesticated animals that can cause gastrointestinal illness.  Raw milk no longer available.  Investigation ongoing.

Trying to be unbiased is difficult.  When you represent people who have been so sick, who are still now on a ventilator, or risk End Stage Renal Disease in the future, unpasteurized milks just does not seem to make much sense.  Here are some posts on both the Pros and Cons of drinking raw milk.