We are proud that our client, Angela Pedersen, spoke out on local TV about her son’s life-threatening illness. The Pedersen family is suing Soni Copeland and The Herb Depot and Organic Market in Monett.

"It was a living hell. I wouldn’t wish that upon anyone," says Pedersen.

It’s hard for Pedersen to look back on the last few months. She almost lost her son Larry, who was not even a year old, to E. coli.

"I don’t know how many days I would look at my son and I didn’t know if he was going to take another breath," says Pedersen.

Pedersen says Larry contracted the disease from raw milk she bought at the Herb Depot and Organic Market in Monett. The family’s now suing that business. Pedersen says back in April she went to the store to buy almond milk. She says she was then told about the benefits of raw milk.

"We were approached and told that the goat’s milk would be a better alternative. It’s healthier than breast milk and it would be wonderful for him. We agreed to try it," says Pedersen.

Just days later, Pedersen says her son got very sick.

"It began with upset stomach, diarrhea and basically key thing and what all parents need to watch out for is blood in the stool," says Pedersen.

Larry was diagnosed with E. coli and quickly developed life-threatening complications. He did recover after 30 days, but the family says having kidney damage changes you for life.

"We are just grateful we’ve gotten through it and that we have our son, "says Pedersen.

Angela Pedersen says she understands there are many people who believe in drinking raw milk, but says from now on, she’s sticking to what she knows and remaining thankful for what she has.

"Every day, every second, every time I look at my kids I am thankful." says Pederson.