In POISONED, Jeff Benedict delivers a jarringly candid narrative of the fast-moving disaster drawing on access to key documents and exclusive interviews with the real-life characters at the center of the drama – the families whose children were infected, the Jack in the Box executives forced to answer for the tragedy, the physicians and scientists who identified E. coli as the culprit, and the legal teams on both sides of the historic lawsuits that ensued. This is the story of the permanent transformation of our food supply chain, and the young maverick lawyer, Bill Marler, who staked his career on bringing the victims justice without compromise. Fast Food Nation meets A Civil Action in this riveting account of how we learned the hard way to truly watch what we eat.

Jeff and I will be in Pullman next week for a series of lectures (Download Flyer).

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  • Dr Butterweck

    Why are we bringing this up again?. It is almost a generation old?.

  • Paul F Schwarz

    It is still pertinent to today! How easily the public forgets about the recent listeria outbreak. Get your head out of the sand. Do you live in a bubble?
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  • Paul F Schwarz

    Any plans on coming close to KC MO.!

  • What is the purpose in keeping this alive? Why do you focus on the past and not the future?

  • “Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” Santayana

  • Dr Butterweck

    Mike’s comment needs an answer. What realistic solution can we expect? Even a suggestion would be welcomed.

  • Why is it so wrong of Mr. Marler to tell his story? What are YOU doing NOW to protect the future? Also, it seems to me Mr. Marler does live in the past as he litigates for families whose children have already been sickened and the damage is done. I for one, am not eating processed food and shop locally, cook at home, and when my children are older I hope to teach my children about food politics and food rights and food choices. I have already taught my daughter about how chickens are raised commercially and she no longer requests chicken mcnuggets. She’ll tell other children about it as well. What are YOU doing?

  • tamara

    I’d like to know why Mike and Dr Butterweck are so bothered by “Poisoned”.
    I’m buying this book. I have a feeling it’s going to be as riveting as “Dispensing With The Truth”, another eye opener.

  • Mike and Dr Butterweck – I am happy to send you a couple of books.