When I first saw the headline “Pleasure & Peril,” I thought it was about my last week of travel – Seattle to San Fransisco to Chicago to St. Paul to Seattle to Manhattan —- Kansas.  My talk to students at K-State today is entitled: “Examining Cases of Legal Liability – Or, why I always win!”  The Food Safety guru at K-State, Dr. Doug Powell invited me, and even ran an add (listen here).

But, alas, not everything is about me.  This story is actually about salmonella in Chocolate – again – Full story is here: “The discovery of salmonella in an Ontario candy factory has left chocolate lovers with a very bad taste”

And a great quote:  “This isn’t surprising. Outbreaks of salmonella related to chocolate occur on a fairly frequent basis,” said Mansel Griffiths, director of the Canadian Institute for Food Safety Research in Guelph, Ont. “Chocolate is . . . a good environment for salmonella to survive.”

As Dr. Powell would say – “Don’t Eat Poop” – even if it is in your chocolate.

I am thinking about a line of “Marlerwear” T-shirts with “Don’t Eat Poop” in several languages – more on this later.