According to the General Mills website, it is the “sixth largest food company in the world."  It is also a Fortune 500 company with headquarters in Minnesota, with revenues for 2007 estimated to be nearly $12,500,000,000.  On today’s news of poisoned pizzas, General Mills shares were down $1.08, or 1.87 percent, at $56.65 on the New York Stock Exchange.

According to today’s new’s reports, since July 1 of this year, General Mills said Totino’s and Jeno’s have distributed more than 120 million pizzas nationwide. The frozen pizza products were produced in the company’s Wellston, Ohio, plant and distributed nationwide. Surprisingly, General Mills has only recalled 5 million of the 120 million pizzas produced. One wonders if more will be recalled over the coming days.

According the the CDC, the earliest case was reported on July 20, and the latest was reported on October 10. The ten states reporting illness are, Illinois (1), Kentucky (3), Missouri (2), New York (2), Ohio (1), Pennsylvania (1), South Dakota (1), Tennessee (8), Virginia (1), and Wisconsin (1).  Still no announcement by General Mills that it will take care of the victims by paying medical bills and wage loss.

I’m sure we will hear more about this in the coming days.

  • Laura Collin

    My daughter ate the Totino’s pepperoni pizza on Sept.16 and began having back pains for the next three days. She then developed a fever,vomiting,diarrhea,and painful urination. She was diagnosed with an Escherichia Coli(E coli),infection in her kidneys. It was so severe that we had to admit her to the Emergency room for IV fluids and IV antibiotics because the oral antibiotics weren’t working fast enough. Then she had to have more urine cultures; blood work ,and an ultrasound to check on her kidneys and appendix. Her kidneys were extremely inflamed. It took my daughter 3 weeks of medicines and recoup time just to get her back to normal. She missed 2 weeks of school and was very afraid that night at the hospital, that she might die. I am very disappointed that a company like General Mills, that mostly prepares food that children will be consuming, does not have a better system to make damned sure their foods will not be unsafe for our children to eat. My family was put through a nightmare with this illness and when I contacted them to make sure they let the people of California know they are also on the list of contaminated products, they never even called me back as promised. The reports say that 21 people were affected…..Well my 10 year old daughter changes that number to 22.

  • e. Coli Leads to Pizza Recall

    Details (including SKUs and the like) here. With 414,000 cases of frozen pizzas out there potentially affected, it’s a big deal, and sure enough, lawyers are advertising. Not advertising but from what I can tell clearly the authority is Bill