My week started out with a phone call from the Schwarz’s family informing me of her husband’s and their father’s death.  This morning some good news!  MSNBC’s JoNel Aleccia reported on an early Christmas present in her story this morning “ Tiny Listeria Survivor Comes Home for Christmas:”

Three months after she was born, Kendall Paciorek is finally home, just in time for Christmas.  The premature girl from Fishers, Ind., is one of the tiniest victims of last summer’s deadly listeria outbreak in cantaloupe, which sickened 146 people, including 30 who died.

Kendall spent the first several weeks of her life in an incubator, fighting off an infection contracted when her mother ate tainted melon traced to Jensen Farms of Holly, Colorado.

She’s strong enough now to sleep in her own crib in the house where big sister Madison, 4, loves to color pictures of Santa.  Officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declared the outbreak over this month, and the rest of the world seems poised to move on.

111220-health-listeria-01.photoblog500.jpgBut for Kendall and her family, the impact of the foodborne illness caused by a summer snack is just beginning.

  • Donna

    It was heartwarming good news to hear of baby Kendall’s return home. I hope all goes well for their family.

  • Paul F Schwarz

    This is some great news for Kendall and her family! Dad went ‘home’ Sunday night. I am pleasantly surprised MSNBC reported this.
    Maybe congress will give us a hearing on the listeria outbreak for Christmas!

  • Paul

    Great news for a change and at a special time of year as well for such a young family !! :)
    Keep up the great work Bill

  • Joe Marchant

    Paul so sorry for you loss, me and my wife had been praying for your dad, you and the family!
    A hearing would be the second best present, behind only the fact that we were fortunate enough to be able to take our baby girl home after she came five weeks early. Luckily mom(my wife) didn’t pass it to the baby after all the treatment she underwent!
    Merry Christmas to you all, and absolutely God Bless you Mr. Marler and your team for all you do!