Awhile ago I posted, "Raw Milk Outbreaks do happen despite what the Weston A. Price Foundation and The Complete Patient (a.k.a. David Gumpert) say," and rightly got slapped for being a bit too harsh. 

I tend to be remembered, and reviled, by sellers and consumers of raw milk (affectionately, a.k.a "raw milkies’) for suing raw milk producers who sell contaminated raw milk and sicken their customers. 

Personally, I urge people – especially, the young, old and immune compromised – to avoid raw dairy (also hamburger, sprouts, raw fish and shellfish and bagged leafy greens).  However, I am a realist that raw milk prohibition does not work so well, so I have opted to warning folks of the risks and trying to help craft reasonable legislation and regulation to protect those who ignore me. In between that I still have the time to sue manufacturers of PASTEURIZED milk who sicken, and in this case kill, their customers – here even the CDC agrees with me.

Well, back to Cargill, Nestle and NE Beef.