• Bix

    I look forward to your posts about what you see, what you learn.

  • Hugh S. Parnell

    You have got to be a money crazy son of a bitch, with a big mouth. People like you arn’t interested in the problem. You are only trying to feather your own nest. I hope that some day that I can meet you. You have to be a real ass hole…. Hugh Parnell

  • Fred B

    …and PCA wasn’t trying to feather their nest?? Sending out for more tests when they didn’t like the results of the first ones, instead of cleaning up their plants. Sounds like cheating to me, but then I also took all my own college exams… I’m obviously not fit to run a peanut processing business ;-)
    I’ve always wondered, as part of this outbreak, why so many “organic” products contained peanuts from PCA. They weren’t a certified organic processor, were they? If that’s the case, then the “organic” companies were also feathering their nests, right? Buying cheap peanuts to increase profits by lying to those “naturist” consumers… Hmm, I don’t see any non-black pots or kettles here.

  • Russell

    My daughter was puking for 2 weeks from eating Kellogg’s crackers, 700 other CONFIRMED poisoning cases, at least 9 deaths, and yet someone other than the Parnell’s are asshles – go figure. If filling law suites due to others killing people makes you an asshole, what does that make the person who did the killing because they did not care about their own test results – I guess that just makes you a Parnell. (much worse than being an asshole) Oh well, Hugh got his 3 percent commission, that’s what it is all about, huh Hugh?

  • pam

    My 2 1/2 year old son has been sick since November 14, 2008 from eating Keebler peanut butter crackers and is still battling the sickness. All the pain and suffering my son has had let alone the medical bills and Bill is an asshole, I DON’T THINK SO!!! May you all be penniless and rot in jail for the pain and suffering you have caused to the victims and their families!!