Continuing the “Food Safety World Tour,” I have been back in Seattle from Australia for a few days and soon will be off to China, via Seoul and Hong Kong.  Jane Genova, “ubberblogger” and I spoke the other day about my upcoming (this Saturday) trip to China, as Jane aptly puts it:

The “China Problem” might be summed up as the gap between how Chinese manufacturers and the U.S. tort system define and deal with product liability. The part of this which concerns plaintiff attorney Bill Marler is food. That’s why he is the chief sponsor of a food safety conference in Beijing, September 12-13. The focus will be the legal costs of foodborne illness, with the lion’s share an explanation on the U.S. concept of strict product liability.

As I said to here:  “I think it is important that one of our largest trading partners has a better understanding of how our tort system operates,” Marler told this blog in an exclusive interview. “If China wants to sell food products in the United States, it will necessarily need to take into account that it may be sued for sickening consumers.”

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