Misti Crane of the Columbus Dispatch (she has covered her fair share of E. coli outbreaks) reported a few moments ago that Health officials in New York have linked a person’s illness there to the E. coli outbreak in Columbus, Ohio and Ann Arbor, Michigan, and are looking into at least 12 more possible cases.

As she reported earlier, all five confirmed Columbus cases have now been genetically linked to the outbreak in Michigan where seven cases have been confirmed with 14 probable. Eight other probable cases in Ohio are under evaluation. The Ohio Department of Agriculture is testing four food samples as is Michigan. Students at Ohio State University and the University of Michigan are among those sickened in the outbreak.

Never hear of E. coli O145 before? – click HERE to see why.  We have found E. coli O145 in hamburger – "PREVALENCE OF NON-O157 ENTEROHAEMMORRHAGIC ESCHERICHIA COLI IN RETAIL GROUND BEEF IN THE UNITED STATES," but it is still to early to say if this outbreak is hamburger or some leafy green – like lettuce.