You have to wonder if the folks who buy from Nebraska Beef have ever visited the plant?  Have they ever had the plant audited.  Have they ever reviewed the Non-compliance Reports?  Frankly, I think the grocery stores – especially the big box types – need to take a more active role in seeing that plants like this perform – that is – they do not produce meat products contaminated with E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, etc.  Perhaps stores should be less concerned about sales and more concerned with safety.

I am also still wondering if Nebraska Beef grinds hamburger and if that hamburger will be part of an expanded recall.  "Recall," it started at 500,000 pounds and then moved to 5,300,000 pounds based upon illnesses in Ohio and Michigan.  It now appears according to press reports, that Nebraska Beef E. coli meat is linked to illnesses in Georgia.