It will be busy week at Marler Clark judging from the phone calls and email traffic over the weekend.  We expect to file additional lawsuits against Cargill and Topps on behalf of families of children sickened by E. coli from the recall of 23,000,000 pounds of frozen hamburger.  We will also be doing testing on left over hamburger as well as keeping the pressure on USDA/FSIS.  I will also keep pressing for Congressional hearings to put and end to this.  Some key pictures with links for the week:

Here is a post of Cattle Networks that made me smile this morning:

“It’s like the old Buffalo Springfield song, ‘Somethin’s happenin’ here, what it is ain’t exactly clear.”

(Source: MEAT&POULTRY, September 2007)

Bill Marler, chief partner at Marler Clark L.L.P., the attorney who won the original multi-million dollar Jack in the Box judgments against the beef industry 14 years ago, talking about the recent increase in E. coli cases.

PS: ‘60 Minutes’ knocking at your door?  No problem.  Now Bill Marler is another story altogether.